Russ Whitney was a high school dropout working in a slaughterhouse when he picked up a $10 real estate how-to book. Now the multimillionaire has written his own real estate how-to guide with Millionaire Real Estate Mentor. Whitney gives a simple overview of how the real estate market works and delves into auctions, wholesale real estate, foreclosure and mobile homes, which he calls "little boxes that spit out cash." This isn't a passive program that assures returns in 20 years. Whitney strives to make money fast and he loves the control real estate gives, saying it puts you in the driver's seat for your future. But he doesn't advocate going it alone. Nope, every real estate guru needs a "power team" that includes a banker, a mortgage broker, an insurance agent and a few others all people willing to help make you a success because it puts money in their pockets.

For those worried about the potential cash outlay, Whitney insists that "no money down" deals are everywhere and describes six ways to make these happen. His advice is tailored to beginners, and he goes to great lengths to demystify the market.

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