Steven B. Smith's Money for Life Success Planner: A 12-Week Companion to Achieve Financial Fitness supplies a knockout punch to banking blues. This guide supplements the author's Money for Life, a budgeting how-to book, but is also an excellent independent source, providing worksheets, tips and activities for managing money. With 12 weeks of action plans, Smith gives defined goals and step-by-step tactics. He insists the secret to financial fitness isn't making more money, but spending less. Based on the envelope-budgeting method in Money for Life, Smith's new book motivates consumers to stay with a plan and carefully monitor their transactions. Preparing for a cashless society and staying out of turmoil requires changing habits and behaviors. With a simple approach, online tools and perforated pages, this planner relieves the challenge of getting fiscally fit. Smith, CEO of In2M Corporation, a financial software and services company, lays the groundwork and coaches and coaxes the reader to the finish line.

Tiffany Speaks is a former business writer for Newsweek Japan who does her budgeting and writing from Norman, Oklahoma.

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