For the disillusioned 20-somethings who are dissatisfied with work, life and love, Jason Ryan Dorsey has a wake-up call. More than a career guide, My Reality Check Bounced: The Twentysomething's Guide to Cashing In on Your Real-World Dreams tackles the ennui that many college grads feel after hitting the real-world rut of overtime and credit card bills. Dorsey's message is one of empowerment: Stand up and create your own life. NOW. That's what Dorsey did when he dropped out of college to self-publish his first book, Graduate to Your Perfect Job, now required reading at 1,500 schools. That experience lets Dorsey connect and empathize with his audience without sounding cynical. None of his concepts are groundbreaking, but Dorsey puts old ideas into today's language. He gets readers motivated to wake up every morning by creating a future picture. Networking becomes plugging in and chapters end with instant messages that detail specific actions to start immediately. Included throughout are examples of self-defeating thoughts that bounce ( My happiness is out of my hands. ) and motivational ideas you can take to the bank ( How I feel about my life is determined by how I choose to live my life. ) For boomerangers, the restless grads who have moved back home with their parents and are awaiting pointers toward a new life, Dorsey's message should serve as an emphatic kick in the butt.

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