Holistic health care a natural approach to healing which considers both the mind and the body, the spiritual as well as the physical is surging in popularity, and childcare is no exception. For parents interested in exploring the possibilities, Natural Baby and Childcare: Practical Medical Advice and Holistic Wisdom for Raising Healthy Children from Birth to Adolescence is a comprehensive resource, a one-stop shop, for any question about how to care for children in a holistic way. This guide complements rather than challenges more traditional, mainstream parenting guides. Author Lauren Feder, M.D., offers natural cures for almost any disease or injury and covers a wide range of issues, from prenatal care to teething remedies for infants to acne treatments for teenagers. Parents with environmental concerns can read about alternatives to plastic diapers and products with potentially dangerous chemicals. Feder also addresses such timely and pressing issues as the link between vaccines and autism and the benefits of breast-feeding. This excellent reference can help moms and dads make the best decisions regarding the total health of their children.

Katherine Wyrick is a writer in Little Rock and the mother of two.

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