You've probably wondered how some people become so successful. Entrepreneur and author Peter Han wondered that as well, and sought to find out by interviewing 100 well-known high-achievers to learn how they made the choices that got them where they are today. In Nobodies to Somebodies: How 100 Great Careers Got Their Start, he culls wisdom from the experiences of his 100 subjects to help anyone, especially those just starting out, find a satisfying career. Han interviewed business and government leaders, writers, artists and entertainers, Nobel Prize winners and nonprofit/organizational leaders. Some of the leaders' traits are what you'd expect strong work ethic, positive attitude and outgoing personality but other characteristics common to many of these leaders are more surprising. Of these, Han determined strong self-knowledge understanding and playing to one's strengths and following gut instincts to be most important, while at the same time being attuned to the real world and being flexible to change are also crucial to success. These career stories can provide the catalyst for your own career development.

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