<B>Cruisin' together</B> If you prefer the ease and comfort (not to mention the all-you-can-eat buffet) that comes with traveling in your own floating hotel room, then Berlitz's <B>Ocean Cruising and Cruise Ships</B>, by Douglas Ward, could be the only travel guide you need. Ward spends 10 months out of the year investigating every major cruise boat, and he gives readers plenty of things to consider before booking their ocean vacation. The carefully compiled charts and statistics compare both cruise lines and individual ships in areas such as food, service, cleanliness, entertainment and more. Ward also gives general advice about which boats to choose and which itinerary to book. Interested in a quiet retreat? You might want to look into a small or a "child-free" ship. Vacationers in search of big-city entertainment should consider 1,000-4,000 passenger liners. And singles shouldn't worry about traveling alone 25% of passengers are single, and many lines will even find you a cabinmate! Ward's honest assessments make this book a must-have for seasoned cruisers as well as beginners.

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