Pour a pot of tea and snuggle up with Old Bear and His Cub, the latest treasure from Olivier Dunrea.

Old Bear and Little Cub love one another with all their hearts. Even when one of them is a little ornery, their love is clear. When Old Bear insists that Little Bear eat his porridge, the petulant cub declares, “No, I won’t,” and is met with a quick reply: “Yes, you will.” Old Bear might be old, but he is no pushover.

Old Bear and Little Bear face off on the major issues of autonomy: scarf wearing, being careful on a high rock and taking a nap. But when they awake from their nap in the snow, Old Bear has caught a cold, and the tables are turned in a delightful way.

Dunrea, author of the beloved Gossie & Friends series, has penned another winner here. The gentle pencil and gouache illustrations, set on very generous white space, draw the reader’s eyes to the relationship between the two generations. The brown tones of the bears and their surroundings nicely set off the red stripe in the porridge bowls, teapot, Old Bear’s cheeks and the scarf that keeps Little Bear warm, making this red a recurring reminder of unconditional love.

Whether you have a child or grandchild or are a Little Bear yourself, this perfect bedtime tale of familial love is one to cherish.


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