The On the Road personal finance series from Dearborn includes three new titles to help navigate life's financial milestones. At $15.95 each, these straightforward guides, edited by Sheryl Garrett, CFP, are confidence-building resources in situations that could otherwise be a tangled money maze. You signed the marriage certificate, but are you on the same page financially? On the Road: Getting Married helps partners create a financial plan together to address everything from how to spend and save money, determining the kind and amount of insurance to buy, planning for the kids' college education and budgeting for retirement. Your home will probably be your most expensive investment, so you want to make the best buying decision possible. On the Road: Buying a Home helps demystify what can be a daunting process. It includes such topics as deciding what type of home is right for you and how to find it, finance it and close on it. On the Road: Surviving Divorce helps the newly separated get through this difficult time with clear, step-by-step information on weathering the financial part of the process. This book addresses issues such as what to look for when hiring an attorney, arbitrator or mediator; how to divide up assets, pension and retirement plans; making decisions about alimony and child support; and creating a new budget.

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