<b>Making poetry into child's play</b> For children and adults who love story poems, Kevin Crossley-Holland has compiled a beautifully illustrated poetry anthology entitled <b>Once Upon a Poem, Favorite Poems that Tell Stories</b>. These classic and contemporary selections include 15 exciting poems, lavishly illustrated by four different artists: Peter Bailey, Sian Bailey, Carol Lawson and Chris McEwan. Selections include old favorites like Longfellow's Paul Revere's Ride and Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky. There's also Tony Milton's rap version of Prince Theseus, entitled Brave Boy Rap, which begins: Prince Theseus was a brave young lad. Big bullies made him boiling mad. So when he heard about a beast whose horrid habit was to feast on gals 'n' guys, he frowned, ÔOK!' and went to fight it that same day. <i>Deborah Hopkinson is a writer (though not a poet) whose newest picture book,</i> Saving Strawberry Farm<i>, a story set in the Great Depression, will be released in May.</i>

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