While adults may think geography is a dull subject probably from all those times they've wrestled with maps while driving down the interstate kids love this stuff. After all, geography is more than blue lines on the pages of an atlas. It's about the land, the people who live there, the things they do, what they eat, what they wear, how they talk and much more. And who better to elucidate geography than National Geographic? Our Fifty States by Mark H. Bockenhauer and Stephen F. Cunha is an absorbing look at the U.S.A., and as you might expect, it's fabulously illustrated, with photographs, maps and charts that young readers will love. Dividing the country by region, Bockenhauer and Cunha cover each state with a short essay highlighting its accomplishments, history and challenges. There's also a "state-at-a-glance" box, listing quick facts, and a map with points of interest. For the youngster with an interest in the world around him, Our Fifty States is a great introduction to this great country.

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