<b>A wolf in girl's clothing</b> Pancakes for Supper is another rollicking tall tale from Anne Isaacs, paired here with Mark Teague, whose lively artwork is always something to look forward to. The setting is old New England, where young Toby and her parents are heading to Whisker Creek in their horse-drawn wagon. Toby sits in back, happily belting out a song about the new outfit she's wearing, which includes a sky-blue coat with a purple lining, a yellow sweater, orange mittens and a cap, and red long johns.

Suddenly, however, the wagon hits a bump that sends Toby airborne, past squirrels in the branches, past soaring eagles and feathery clouds, until she could no longer see her parents' wagon. Toby lands beside a huge, hungry wolf who views this tasty-looking child as a godsend. Toby is quick to think on her feet, promising that she will make the wolf the grandest animal in the forest by giving him her beautiful blue coat. The wolf goes for the deal, and Toby is saved. Not surprisingly, this is hardly the end of Toby's troubles. She also encounters a cougar, a skunk, a porcupine and a bear, and gives each animal one of her prized pieces of clothing. Meanwhile, Toby is left shivering in her red long johns.

When Toby is finally reunited with her family and begins telling them of her wild adventures, Mama makes pancakes, and they tap some marvelous maple syrup from the maple tree. Kids are bound to love this wild tale, and they'll also lap up the recipe for Toby's Animal Pancakes. Pancakes for Supper is a super, syrupy addition to any young child's collection just be sure to have the mixing bowls ready!

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