Husband and wife author-illustrators Audrey and Don Wood are at it again. The team who brought us such favorites as The Napping House introduce a jaunty pig in their new picture book, Piggy Pie Po.

Piggy Pie Po is an active, clever and mildly mischievous young pig. In three episodic “chapters” written in easy, predictable rhyme, we follow Piggy as he dances, swims and digs in the dirt. A naked pig and a much-needed bath are sure to send preschoolers into a fit of giggles, while the youngest school-aged children will identify with Piggy’s efforts to learn to read and his struggles to tie his own shoes.

The illustrations, drawn by Audrey Wood and painted by Don Wood in acrylics on canvas, are bright, colorful and vastly appealing. Each section is announced by a vividly colored numeral and Piggy himself leading curious readers to discover what activity he will in engage in next.

The final segment follows Piggy through a bit of gastronomic misadventure, but the solace of one’s own bed eventually bring closure and comfort to Piggy and his new fans. Sure to be treasured by families, Piggy Pie Po is another winner from the Woods.


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