For that car-enthusiast guy, Dennis Adler's Porsche: The Road from Zuffenhausen serves as an example of distinguished book-making and automotive history at its detailed finest. Adler is a leading car journalist and photographer. Besides serving as editor-in-chief of Car Collector magazine, he has contributed to high-profile business and auto publications and written numerous books on all manner of car makes and models. Here he turns his attention to the fabulous Porsche and the amazing family that has been producing this classic touring and racing car since the post-World War II era. Adler spares no verbiage in his profiles of people including paterfamilias Ferdinand Porsche, who designed the Volkswagen under the direction of Adolf Hitler prior to launching the Porsche line and in his narrative concerning the manufacturing and marketing of what is possibly the world's most distinctive sports car. Rare archival photos of the Porsche in development (including technical views of its unique rear-mounted, air-cooled engine), as portrayed in advertising, and in competition on international racetracks help to fully relate this ongoing success story of commitment to automotive innovation and sleek stylishness.

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