Having integrated some of these philosophies into your parenting practice, you're ready to entrust someone else with the task. Or are you? I've always likened child-raising to a wildlife catch-and-release program. You nurture, love and fiercely protect this little life, and then it's time to send your beloved creature into the big, wide world. A terrifying prospect, made less so by Practical Wisdom for Parents: Demystifying the Preschool Years. Is my child ready for the transition? For that matter, am I? What can I do to prepare for it? These and other questions are addressed in the book by two highly qualified, respected authors. Nancy Schulman and Ellen Birnbaum are directors of one of the most prestigious preschools in the country, the 92nd Street Y Nursery School in New York. Together they have almost 60 years of experience with preschoolers and here offer sage advice about the 3 to 5 set. Any parent whose child has experienced separation anxiety or any parent who has herself walked around teary-eyed with that phantom-limb feeling after dropping her child at school will find comfort here. As anyone who's tried to extricate a sobbing toddler from his leg knows, leaving a child at school can be a heart-wrenching experience for both of you. Whether discussing The Social Lives of Children or Developing Morals and Ethics, these authors are keen observers of kids and know what makes toddlers tick.

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