While most of us mere mortals could never afford a lavish wedding fit for royalty, we still like to see what one looks like. Preston Bailey, event planner to the stars, indulges the masses with Preston Bailey's Fantasy Weddings, a gorgeous book filled with truly fantastic wedding designs. Bailey is the designer responsible for Donald Trump's latest wedding (scheduled for Jan. 22) and the fairytale wedding of Joan Rivers' daughter Melissa. He also did the flowers for Oprah Winfrey's lavish 50th birthday bash.

From the Godiva Chocolate Fantasy to the Hamptons Countryside Fantasy, Bailey spares no expense (and he doesn't skimp on the flowers, either: one rain forest-themed reception features huge pineapples made entirely of roses. In another, towering bamboo shoot centerpieces are topped with orchids).

Yes, it's all very over the top, but Bailey makes it fun with his chatty prose, in which he recounts each event with obvious pleasure. And you can get great design ideas from this book. Bailey makes common-sense suggestions, such as incorporating the design elements of the reception space into the decorations.

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