ing the most from schoolOf course, no matter how confident you are in your parenting skills, "letting go" of your child for the first time can be an event faced with trepidation and angst. If you or someone you know needs some comforting advice before the big day, an excellent book for your backpack is Ready, Start, School! Nurturing and Guiding Your Child Through Preschool and Kindergarten by Sandra F. Rief. This practical, "plain - language" handbook addresses topics of critical concern to parents with small children. Chapter titles include such subjects as "Enrolling Your Child in Kindergarten or Waiting Another Year" and "Protecting and Influencing Your Impressionable Young Child." Rief also offers strategies for getting your little one off to a good start in the important areas of reading, writing and math, and advice about what to do if you suspect your child has a developmental delay or disability. If you need a little nurturing of your own as you prepare to launch your child into the academic world, this is a good book to have in your information arsenal.With your own backpack full of new books to learn from, you'll be ready and able to set the pace.Linda Stankard has been a public school teacher and a homeschooling parent. She currently teaches at a community college in Tennessee.

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