Collin Boyd stepped off the Metro bus on his way to work, and across the street he saw himself strolling down the sidewalk. So begins Relentless, author Robin Parrish's entry into the thriller/sci-fi genre and the first in a planned trilogy.

After that mind-bending sight, Collin realizes he is no longer Collin Boyd. He is now Grant Borrows, although he has no idea who Grant Borrows is, and someone else is living his old life. A motorcycle-riding assassin with a totally cool sword stalks him with cat-and-mouse glee while Grant spends his time leaping from one frying pan into the next. Parrish writes with the verve and attitude of a New York City cab driver, plunging ahead with barely a glance at oncoming traffic, slinging you from side to side with near misses and narrow escapes before delivering you, safe, to your destination. There's a reason this novel is called Relentless. Mike Parker is a former pastor who writes from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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