ons from the East Jim Rohwer, a senior contributing editor at Fortune and former executive editor of The Economist offers a scintillating and thought-provoking argument in Remade in America: How Asia Will Change Because America Boomed Anyone with a business or personal interest in the globalization of markets and the impact of Americanization in the world economy should pick up this 3well-argued book. Rohwer says that after the Asian crisis of the '90s, the continent began a radical transformation. After learning the hard way that interdependence on the American economy is real and lasting, Asians are now "intent on learning how the common future of mankind now being born in America is going to work and how Asia can profit from it." Rohwer argues that Asia possesses underlying advantages which will guide it to success, from hard-working people to strong families to young societies. He predicts the next generation will see fast economic growth, based in part on the Internet. How Asia will succeed and where its strengths lie are the important insights of Remade in America.

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