North, south,/east, west/We run along/and never rest./Where are we going?/Everywhere!/We never stop/until we're there. Can you guess what I am? The answer is roads! Riddle Road, by Elizabeth Spires, is filled with tantalizing riddles just like this one. The playful poetic pieces in this book will have parents, teachers, and children everywhere laughing and joining in on the fun. And you thought poetry couldn't be fun! Spires blends descriptive word clues with Erik Blegvad's colorful illustrations, and the results are entertaining, artful poems that stimulate and entertain children. The pictures add extra flavor to the rhymes, providing hints to help readers solve the riddles.

Do you know what this one could be? We listen to wishes/but have no ears./We're at home in the dark/without any fears./We're older than you by millions of years./When you're gone forever,/we'll still be here./Near or far,/can you guess what we are? That Ôtwinkle' in your eye says you know what the answer is stars! Riddle Road specifically targets six- to ten-year-olds, but why should all the fun be saved for the younger kids? Even the most sophisticated teens will be jumping at the chance to get in on the action of solving the mysteries. Any age will love being riddled and rhymed by these poems.

Everyone will love reading this book over and over until each and every riddle has been completely mastered. The poems leave hints to the answers, yet encourage children to uncover the solutions themselves.

Read this book and you'll discover/that these poems are like no other./It's fun, creative, and attractive too./You'll find no better thing to do! (Ages 6-10 ) Amanda Hester is an eighth grade student at Sumner Academy in Gallatin, Tennessee.

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