In a tucked-away corner of the world, in a land full of sun, on an almost forgotten plot of earth, sat Rosa Farm. In her first novel, author Liz Wu takes readers on a delightful romp through this very special farm, where the animals, considered members of the household, never worry about being eaten or sold and always contribute to their keep.

Gallileon, a young rooster, wonders about his role on the farm until the morning Farmer Rosa takes his papa to the fair. Following much practice and anxiety, Gallileon heralds the new day for the first time in his father's absence. Seizing on his youthful insecurities, the geese and ducks, bitter rivals with the chickens, challenge the rooster to demonstrate his crowing abilities at high noon. Gallileon delivers another whole-hearted cock-a-doodle-doo, only to see a dark blotch appear in the spot where the sun had been. He can't help but wonder if he has confused or angered the sun by crowing at the wrong time of day.

After listening in on the geese and ducks, Pepina, Gallileon's plucky chick sister with the polka-dot bow, discovers that their challenge was deceitful. Although she does not fully understand their trick, she knows that sun's disappearance has something to do with the rumor of egg lips. When the pipsqueak spy is kidnapped, Gallileon faces another dilemma on the usually quiet farm. With the help of Cesar, a gentle yet determined pig, and Eli, a sly cat, the young rooster saves his sister and learns the skills of observation and gathering information. While Rosa Farm offers lessons in science and character, the fun here is found in the barnyard animals who resemble humans all too well, from the sibling banter between Gallileon and Pepina to the cat who knows everyone's business and just when to use it. Matt Phelan's line drawings add to the charm of this adorable story.

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