Want to quit work? In Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom, co-authors Van K. Tharp, D.R. Barton Jr. and Steve Sjuggerud explain how to fulfill that dream, systematically focusing on the importance of passive income (having your assets produce cash flow). When monthly cash flow exceeds expenses, you're financially free. This team of professional investors and newsletter publishers says most people can get there within five years or less. The authors offer strategies appropriate for different markets and situations, covering inflation, deflation, a rising or falling dollar, bear market funds and real estate. They provide a 1-2-3 formula that any investor can use to determine the state of the market and decide whether they have a green, yellow or red light to invest. As the lights change, follow some simple guidelines to profitably move in and out of investments. The final section of the book focuses on taking responsibility and getting the kids and grandkids to financial independence at a young age, making financial freedom a multigenerational project. Bobbye Middendorf writes from Chicago.

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