For most parents, thinking about their child's college years brings great pride, much anticipation and, well, complete and utter dread. College tuition has been increasing at staggering rates over the past decade and for many parents the task of funding their children's higher education seems nearly impossible. That's where Sallie Mae's Guide to Paying for College: A Practical Guide for Families comes in. The book offers expert advice from Gen and Kelly Tanabe, authors of nine previous books on college planning, tips from financial aid officers from universities around the country and data from Sallie Mae, the nation's leading educational lender. Jargon-free sections explain important issues like how much college really costs, how to choose the right financial aid package for your family, and where to find information on state funding and the multitudes of available scholarships. The ultimate resource for families with children in preschool and high school alike, Sallie Mae's Guide to Paying for College will teach you how to save for, finance and facilitate your child's college education. Recent college grad Abby Plesser writes from New York City.

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