Sam is at a new school and looking to make friends in a hurry. To do so, he tells his classmates fantastic stories about his astronaut father and the eating habits of aliens. Trouble is, Sam's chitchat isn't true! Sam is caught between a rock and a hard place, wanting to be truthful but afraid of what his friends will think of his fibs. Sam Tells Stories is a lesson about the difference between storytelling and lying, and it sets a good example for imaginative kids without discouraging their creativity: Sam learns when to use his talent of weaving tales (telling bedtime stories to his little brother) and when to just be himself (with his new, accepting friends). The Belgian duo of Thierry Robberecht and Philippe Goossens have created another sweet story featuring the main character from Sam Is Never Scared. Goossens' warm and fuzzy illustrations are a winning element in this tale about the downfall of tall tales.

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