The most recent addition to Karen Kingsbury's Red Glove Series, Sarah's Song is the story of how one woman's faith can touch multiple lives. Frail with heart failure, 86-year-old Sarah Lindeman prays for the strength to get through one more Christmas and the chance to tell her story through the words of a song she wrote years before words that were "born of despair, desperate for a second chance." Sarah knows she must share with someone else that year of 1941 when "heaven cracked open and spilled stardust and miracles into the life of a woman who had given up hope." Beth Baldwin, Sarah's nurse in her assisted living facility, is the one God chooses. Though she's never quite sure why, at least not until the very end, Beth allows Sarah to show her the aged ornaments that decorate her small Christmas tree. Over the course of 12 days, Beth hears their story of grace given and love bestowed, which adds hope and direction to her own life and marriage.

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