Scrapbooks are like little time capsules, lovingly pieced together over the years to keep the past alive or record those special moments. There was a time when scrapbooks were passed down to the next generation along with simple herbal remedies and yellowed recipe books filled with delicious family favorites. But scrapbooks aren't just about pictures anymore; now they're veritable works of art, colorfully created and designed to remain enjoyable for decades. Saving memories is back in vogue, and Time-Life has two excellent books on scrapbooking to get you started.

Beginners to scrapbooking will like Scrapbooking Made Easy! Using samples and photos taken from her own life, the author gives basic, helpful information about protecting photos and then moves on to supplies, design, cropping, choosing color schemes, layout and balance, collages, lettering, and embellishments. She includes a frequently asked questions section and tips for creating special projects. A handy resources section for each chapter is located in the back of the book, as well as a listing of companies that sell scrapbooking supplies. As the author writes, Scrapbooks are no longer just about pictures pasted onto paper. They are about recording those moments that have been meaningful to you and your family. The intermediate or advanced scrapbooker will find A Year of Scrapbooking filled with monthly challenges and a wide range of projects that can be customized to family lives and interests. The book is organized by the 12 calendar months and covers album ideas, design concepts, new techniques, journaling, new project ideas, and photo tips. The last chapter even shows how scrapbooking techniques can be passed along to children in the form of bookmarks, activity books, greeting cards, memory boxes, bulletin boards, and posters. There is also a handy glossary and resources list for each month's project.

Both books include numerous how-to photos that take you step-by-step in creating a family treasure that will be enjoyed for generations. The eve of this new millennium offers a unique time to begin creating a scrapbook for future generations. Perhaps the scrapbook you begin this New Year's Day will find its way into the hands of your first-born child 20 years from now.

Pat Regel writes from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

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