If you're trying to plan a unique event without the help of an in-person wedding planner, Signature Weddings: Creating a Day Uniquely Your Own by event planner Michelle Rago can help. The book takes readers through her design process and provides 10 examples of how her plans came together. The same process can be adapted by brides on a budget to come up with the signature elements of their own wedding design.

The cornerstone of Rago's planning process is brainstorming, which leads her to the colors and elements (design features) of a particular wedding. However, the description of her design process is lengthy and follows a few too many sidetracks. Most people will not be interested in the author's favorite movies, for example. She also has a faith in inspiration that people who don't consider themselves creative might find a little over the top.

Whether you agree with her philosophy or not, the book is a solid starting point for those who don't know how to plan a wedding that isn't cookie-cutter. It allows readers to see the inspiration behind the final design and how it was carried out, which can be incredibly useful in planning an event from scratch.

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