Many of today's brides and grooms are looking beyond a traditional church wedding for unique ceremonies that reflect their personalities. They'll find a wealth of ideas and inspiration in Simple Stunning Weddings: Designing and Creating Your Perfect Celebration. Just what is a simple stunning wedding? According to author Karen Bussen, it's a celebration in which the location is key. Bussen focuses on 12 different potential wedding spots, including a restaurant, a vineyard, the beach and a farm.

The lush color photos alone are enough to inspire any bride uncertain about what she wants in a wedding, but Bussen makes Simple Stunning Weddings even more user-friendly by suggesting colors, materials, flowers and general feeling for each locale. For example, the vineyard reception features grape colors, fine linens and a bacchanalian theme. An at-home wedding highlights casual, flea market-inspired table settings and flowers from the garden, such as daisies and tulips.

Bussen has done her homework, explaining the logistics behind booking each type of site: an inn most likely will have off-season times with cheaper rates; a botanic garden is probably public, but might require a donation to use the space. Readers also can purchase a companion workbook with helpful organizational tips.

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