Sisters: Tenth Anniversary Edition revisits 13 sets of sisters originally featured in Sisters, the sleeper New York Times bestseller of the early 1990s, along with some new siblings. Surprising, difficult and touching sentiments are revealed in Sharon J. Wohlmuth's updated photos and Carol Saline's interviews: aging, illness, disillusionment and death have caught up with some of the women, while affection and deep emotional bonds are more pervasive than ever. Famous sister reunions include the stunning trio of supermodel Christy Turlington, now a mother, and sisters Erin and Kelly; Coretta Scott King and Edythe Scott; musical sisters Irline, Louise and Barbara Mandrell; and Clare, Jeanne and Chris Evert. But some of the most moving reunions include the Green sisters, now in their 90s and separated for the first time in their lives; Janice Coffey, whose brother is now her sister, Elizabeth; and Julie Johnson, who happily gave birth to a baby boy, now 10 years old, for her sister Janet. Deanna Larson is a writer in Nashville.

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