Fat chance: help for healthy living If you're struggling to keep up in our fast-paced world, author Stu Mittleman offers this sage advice: "Life is a marathon, not a sprint, and you must prepare accordingly." In Slow Burn: The Power of Excessive Moderation, Mittleman shares the secrets of endurance that enabled him to set eight long-distance records, including a world record for a 1,000-mile run. A member of Anthony Robbins's elite coaching team since 1992, Mittleman energetically motivates and teaches the principles of endurance and energy. His positive can-do enthusiasm is infectious and his exercise tips, valuable. "Suppose you could sleep less yet feel even more rested and alive what would you do with the extra hours that suddenly appear in your day?" Anyone who has incorporated a regular fitness program into a busy lifestyle can attest to sustained energy levels. According to Mittleman, movement is the key: "What your body wants and craves is movement. Movement unleashes your body's energy potential." In Slow Burn, Mittleman shows how to achieve your goals by breaking them down into smaller ones. He offers strategies for daily aerobic movement that tap into fat stores and allow weight loss. His nutrition strategies power you up to eat for long-term endurance and life-time vitality. Mittleman's three-part program (Think, Train, Eat) is a formula for success that anyone can use.

Pat Regel race-walks in Nashville.

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