The stereotypical Southern wedding is extremely traditional, but Southern brides create celebrations every bit as modern and sophisticated as those held anywhere else in the world.

Tara GuŽrard, owner of SoirŽe, Inc. in Charleston, South Carolina, knows all about planning chic weddings with Southern charm. Her Southern Weddings: New Looks from the Old South details 12 weddings created by SoirŽe. Highlights of the dŽcor of each wedding are discussed, as well as signature elements that made each wedding unique. The SoirŽe Secrets section offers tips brides can adapt to their own weddings.

Sometimes it's hard to see what makes these weddings especially Southern other than their location, but that is part of the point. It certainly is no longer possible (if it were ever possible) to peg a wedding's style by region.

The best part for many brides will be the step-by-step instructions for recreating some of the ideas used in the featured weddings. From centerpieces to floral monograms to table designs, there are many great ideas for brides of all budgets in this book.

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