Long-time favorite picture book creator and New Yorker artist William Steig once again perfectly captures human nature in Spinky Sulks. Spinky is in a terribly bad mood—as we all are occasionally—and no amount of tender cajoling by his family can change it. Steig's understated and delightful words combine with glorious and colorful pictures to make a terrific read-aloud book for parents and young children.

Roald Dahl's quirkish humor abounds in Matilda, his newest novel for middle-grade readers—remember James and the Giant Peach and The BFG? As usual, unfavorite adult characters are verbal cartoons that make readers giggle with a mixture of glee and gloom. The brilliant and sweet Matilda, neither loved nor understood by her dastardly parents or maniacal Headmistress, turns her abounding curiosity and energy to the art of telekinesis, enabling her to play confounding tricks on her tormentors and eventually set everything right. dahl does not mince words or spare the allegorical rod, creating an unprudish novel both touching and funny. Matilda won't disappoint Dahl's middle-grade fans.

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