Redemption is the theme of Story: Recapture the Mystery by Steven James. A storyteller and poet, James skillfully weaves together personal stories, re-imagined fairy tales, biblical scenes, imagined conversations with angels, philosophical musings and poetic interludes to tell the redemptive story of Christ. It is a potpourri of language and imagery, mingled to delicious effect, calling the reader to see the gospel story with fresh eyes, breaking through the numbness of familiarity to expose the wonder and adventure God offers. This highly original retelling of the Scripture is often beautiful, often haunting and thoroughly compelling. It is a reminder that Christ's promise of life, anew is constantly with us, then, now and always. A writer in Franklin, Tennessee, Howard Shirley is the author of Acts for God: 38 Dramatic Sketches for Contemporary Services, as well as Christian video and devotional materials.

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