In Angela McAllister's Take a Kiss to School, we are introduced to our young character, Digby, following his first day of school. Though all has proceeded well, Digby awakes the next morning struck with worry that he will not remember how to act or what to do in all the new situations he will encounter. With the reassurance that only a parent can provide, Digby's mother eases his fears by leaving him with a pocket full of kisses. Digby makes use of the kisses throughout the day, whenever uncertainty arises. Before long, he meets Otterly, another anxious classmate, and in sharing kindness discovers his own bravery and ability to cope with the newness that school brings. In this charming tale, illustrated with Sue Hellard's gentle watercolors, readers are reminded that no matter what changes life introduces, love endures.

Jennifer Robinson is a teacher in Baltimore.

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