New from the hilarious author of Daddy Needs a Drink comes Tales from the Teachers' Lounge, in which Robert Wilder again masterfully turns his firsthand experience into a narrative that's at once both humorous and moving. This time Wilder takes us into the wacky world of the classroom where a daily conflict takes place between lesson plans and the lessons of real life. There's nothing in the policy manual... [about] what to do when you see your student sprawled over the hood of a Camero making out, he explains. Competing with television, movies and cell phones isn't easy, and guiding today's students through a maze of books, bullies and bomb threats is tricky business. Teachers should be more like midwives and less like drill sergeants, Wilder advises. From painful to poignant, these laughter-inducing classroom chronicles are sure to chalk up good grades with educators, parents and even students sneaking a peak into the teachers' lounge. (Hey, if gets them to read, it can't be bad.)

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