McCourt adds to his string of memoirs with a fascinating book about his years as a high school English teacher in New York City. Looking back on a three-decade career in the classroom, McCourt begins his account in 1958 with his tenure at McKee Vocational and Technical School. Still reeling from his impoverished Irish upbringing and trying to come to terms with his painful past, he finds himself at odds with school administrators, who advise him to keep his private life to himself and to be a disciplinarian when dealing with pupils. McCourt, naturally, takes the opposite tack. Concocting provocative writing assignments, sharing his personal experiences with students, and making an effort to get to know them, McCourt tries hard to inspire and excite his charges. Sometimes he succeeds; sometimes he fails. Along the way, he becomes adept at dealing with the public school system, red tape and all. Fans of McCourt will enjoy reading this new chapter in his remarkable life. His lyrical prose style and wonderful sense of humor are present throughout the narrative, making the book vintage McCourt and a must-read for lovers of Angela's Ashes. A timely and spirited narrative, Teacher Man entertains even as it provides valuable insight into the life of an educator.

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