Tempered Radicals: How People Use Difference to Inspire Change At Work by Debra E. Myerson is a timely account of the effect tempered radicals have on organizations. Who are tempered radicals? A few years ago, they were the people who encouraged women to seek positions in executive management and academic life and first recruited minorities for management training programs. Today, tempered radicals include: an African-American woman who tries to make her workplace more friendly and welcoming for other African Americans; a white male who believes work-life balance is a necessary and inalienable right for all working family members; a gay man who requests domestic partner benefits as part of an employment package. In short, tempered radicals have made the business world take note and adopt progressive policies before attitudes have changed in the world at large. I encourage you to read this important work, to take note of the power of business to change attitudes and policies, in short, to change the world.

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