Father and son Nathaniel and Andrew Lande's The 10 Best of Everything: An Ultimate Guide for Travelers begins with a compendium of lists, covering everything from airlines, cathedrals, markets and food halls, and things to do should you find yourself in Istanbul (London, Madrid, San Francisco or six other far-flung cities) on a Sunday. Experts weigh in on their respective fields: Arnold Palmer on golf courses, Sir Edmund Hillary on climbs (not forgetting Sydney's Harbor Bridge), and Bob Ellsasser, head of the esteemed Country Walkers, on the best walks and hiking tours.

In many ways the book evokes a different age of travel, a nostalgic feeling underscored by the images from vintage luggage labels one from the Hotel New Orleans reads: Circulating Ice Water and Ceiling Fans in Every Room and posters for luxurious sojourns by rail or ocean liner interspersed among the book's colorful photographs. It is appropriate, then, that the second part of The 10 Best of Everything is devoted to The New Grand Tour, with itineraries such as traversing South Africa via the Blue Train, taking the Eastern &andamp; Orient Express from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, going on safari in Botswana, or retracing literary steps along the Amalfi Coast. Lande's Famous List of the world's best accommodations closes the book. Dating from the elder Lande's tenure as director of Time World News Service, this list is constantly updated with input from staffers and correspondents. Either as a planner or wishbook, The 10 Best of Everything is not a bad way to travel.

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