Callie is part of the most popular clique at Endeavor High. When a teacher asks her to help new student Amanda Valentino get caught up in math class, Callie is initially irritated, but she soon finds herself becoming good friends with Amanda. Something about this new girl draws Callie in, particularly the fact that Amanda chooses Callie to be her “guide” at Endeavor. Amanda explains that she moves quite a bit, so she always chooses one—and only one—person to help her get to know a new school.

When Amanda mysteriously disappears, Callie is less than thrilled to learn that Amanda also chose super-weirdo Nia and geek-turned-artsy-cool Hal to be her “one and only” guides. As the mystery grows more and more intense, Callie finds herself drawn to her new, “uncool” classmates. They begin to discover that very little of what they believed they knew about Amanda is actually true, and they start to wonder if they ever really knew her at all. United in their desire to find Amanda, the girls decide to stick together and embark on what they eventually term “The Amanda Project.”

The Amanda Project: Book 1: Invisible I is the first installment in a series of eight books that will eventually (hopefully) solve the Amanda mystery. And for readers of this first volume, the next installment cannot come soon enough. Savvy teen readers looking for a more in-depth experience than the typical teen novel will devour Invisible I and head straight to the book’s website for more mystery and drama.

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