For the past 60 years, the consensus has been that the only proven way to reverse the aging process is to restrict calories, but Barry Sears's new book, The Anti-Aging Zone, adds another dimension to the equation restricting calories does not mean a bread-and-water diet for the rest of your life. The book is well worth the reading, and not only by graying Boomers. It's for anyone who wants to live longer and better. Sears gives insight into how hormones control the aging process and how a few simple lifestyle changes can alter that process. His anti-aging Zone Diet helps turn back the clock and restore strength and stamina, improve sexual performance and fertility, revitalize and maintain mental function, and decrease the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. As an aid to understanding terminology, Sears includes a glossary, sample Zone meals, and recipes. Sears believes that there is definitely a proven drug to reverse the aging process, and that drug is food in the form of his Zone Diet.

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