You may have thought the species extinct since their habitat has vanished, but author Kathryn Leigh Scott is here to tell you otherwise. The Bunny Years: The Surprising Inside Story of the Playboy Clubs: The Women Who Worked as Bunnies, and Where They Are Now is a veritable Vindication of the Rights of Bunnies, and a tribute to the women who lived the tail. Scott, a former Bunny herself, remembers fondly her years in the Playboy Clubs and offers profiles of over 200 women who worked there during its 25-year history. The list will surprise you. Former bunnies include a Congressional candidate, a midwife, a multi-millionaire businesswoman, a renowned doctor, and celebrities not to mention women's rights activist Gloria Steinem. The author could well have subtitled the book "Gloria Steinem Was Wrong." Scott, exceedingly proud of her role as Bunny, takes Steinem, evidently the Paul Revere of Bunnydom, to task for Steinem's scathing 1963 expose A Bunny's Tale. Despite the author's oh-so-earnest prose, this book is just plain lots of fun a romp through an era that, thankfully, has gone by. And the photographs of Bunnies draped over a very groovy-looking Hef, of Bunnies on snow mobiles, in the swingin' Playboy jet, poolside are priceless.

The words "club hopping" now have a whole new meaning. Reviewed by Katherine H. Wyrick.

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