Those who aren't enamored with hounds can pick up The Cat Fanciers' Association Complete Cat Book, edited by pet expert Mordecai Siegal. In addition to tips on caring for cats, this book delves into detailed descriptions of various feline breeds, from the standard Siamese and Persian, to lesser-known cats such as the Javanese and the Scottish Fold.

The Complete Cat Book's pictures and descriptions of various breeds reveal that cats are as varied in appearance and temperament as dogs. For example, the Selkirk Rex, a breed first found in Montana, sports a woolly, curly coat similar to that of a lamb. The Scottish Fold gets its name from its ears, which fold forward and downward.

The authors also devote ample space to describing the characteristics of a pedigreed cat and outlining the show process. This book is just right for the owner of any feline, whether it is show-quality or simply a beloved housecat.

Amy Scribner is a writer in Olympia, Washington.

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