The Christmas Almanac, edited by Natasha Tabori Fried and Lena Tabori, has a little bit of everything you could possibly want to know about the holiday season. Need a holiday bedtime story for the little ones or a refresher course in making paper snowflakes? Want to know the difference between a Balsam Fir and a Douglas Fir, or find out what Santa is called in other countries? Stuffed like Santa's overflowing pack with a miscellany of stories, poems, carols, recipes, holiday trivia, and more, this treasure trove, complete with fanciful Victorian-inspired illustrations, holds a little something for kids of all ages. But remember, just because you now have access to a recipe for figgy pudding doesn't mean you have to run out and find beef suet and currants and launch into production. The recipe will be there, the book can be turned to time and again, and Christmas comes but once a year, so keep it simple and enjoy! Linda Stankard admits to making her own mincemeat one jangled Christmas.

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