Contemporary with Schulz's mid-to-late-century emergence was that of MAD magazine, the subversively satirical monthly that showcased a wide variety of incredibly gifted cartoon stylists. Chief among them was the late Don Martin (1931-2000), whose goofy characters earned him a place as perhaps the publication's most recognizable contributor. The Completely MAD Don Martin serves as weighty testament to Martin's legacy. This 25-pound, two-volume, slipcased special edition the first of a planned MAD's Greatest Artists series gathers together every piece of art Martin published in MAD during his 30 years as a freelancer. Martin's occasionally gross-out style combined distinctive and very detailed linework, elements of chortling high fantasy and a preponderance of originally conceived sound effects, all of which is captured here. The cartoon reproductions are accompanied throughout by reprints of letters and rough sketches; a series of verbal and illustrated tributes from notable MAD colleagues; and photos of the artist unlike his characters, Martin was a quiet and rather handsome guy. Far Side creator Gary Larson, a spiritual descendant of Martin's, provides the foreword.

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