In 1991, John Chappelear's life fell apart. Within days, he went from being CEO of a multimillion dollar company to financial and emotional ruin. This catastrophic fall, which he dubbed my gift of desperation, woke him mightily. Now a successful life coach, Chappelear discovered that meaning in life comes not from achievements or wealth, but from something that is slowly entwined into life through your daily experiences, personal beliefs, and the way you interact with those around you. Enter The Daily Six: Six Simple Steps to Find the Perfect Balance of Prosperity and Purpose, a commonsense bible based on short, powerful maxims. This is Chappelear's road map to well-being, his contribution to bettering private and business lives, inspired by mentors who helped him back to wholeness. Dedicated to fostering success with significance, his six-point plan emphasizes the daily practices of willingness, contemplation, love and forgiveness, service, gratitude and action. Chappelear's approach to change is gentle, almost humble; he uses heartening case studies of others who have met and managed change, but he uses his own life as the primary lesson. This self-proclaimed recovering big shot realizes that My life quest is no longer what can I get?' but what can I give?'

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