College football isn't the only sport in Texas. Husband-hunting has its own fanatic devotees, as a group of women work ruthlessly to net themselves men with major bank accounts. Big hair, bigger boobs and Botoxed brows as far as the eye can see are quite a culture shock for 29-year-old Dallas transplant Jenny Barton, a Wall Street Journal reporter (as author J.C. Conklin was earlier in her career) from New York.

The fish-out-of-water (or, in this case, perhaps the cattle out of the pasture) story told in The Dallas Women's Guide to Gold-Digging with Pride serves as a hysterical guidebook to Texas customs as Conklin sees them. The goal of all this husband-hunting is to be in tall cotton, defined as nabbing a seriously bankrolled boyfriend who effortlessly pops a ring on your finger and doesn't require a prenup. Good thing Jenny, juggling a bad boy and an Ÿber-religious guy simultaneously, has a gaggle of mentors, including her gold-digging roommate Aimee (who, post-divorce #1, is onto an awkward billionaire with whom intimacy requires popping a handful of prescription pills). The fast-paced book flies by in a flurry of designer labels and blond hair, but there's meat in this meal notably, the issue of what happens to half-Jewish Jenny in highly Christian country.

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