he last days of a person's life say a lot. In the case of Jesus Christ, they say everything. In a book that will appeal to the faithful of all ages, author and pastor Charles Swindoll tackles the subject of Christ's death and resurrection in a fashion that not only breaths life but hope into readers. Swindoll is anything but a newcomer to the publishing industry. He has authored more than 25 best-selling books and has an internationally syndicated radio program, Insight for Living. Yet it's his heart for teaching and guiding people in a practical way that permeates his writing. Swindoll serves as senior pastor of Stonebriar Community Church and president of Dallas Theological Seminary. But don't fear. The Darkness and the Dawn isn't a theological treatise. Rather, it's a look at the final agony and ecstasy of Christ that sheds new light on an event that occurred two millennia ago. Chapter by chapter Swindoll walks readers through the final days of Christ's life. From the profound interactions of the Last Supper to the events of Gethsemane to the series of trials to the final phrases uttered on the cross, Swindoll explores the many facets of Christ's last days. The recounting of the crucifixion is particularly stirring. Even those who do not embrace Swindoll's faith will find thought-provoking material and life-enhancing truths.

The short chapters give the book an almost devotional quality. Scenes and themes are explored in bite-sized reading portions. Swindoll touches on a rich handful of topics, including mortality, submission, obedience, hope, betrayal, disappointment, encouragement and the importance of life. The writing is both accessible and edifying, making it a rich reading experience not only at Easter but year-round.

Margaret Feinberg is a writer based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, who writes for a number of Christian publications.

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