Of course, if you're beyond the scrounging stage and need more sustenance than Twinkies and Doritos to keep your mind sharp and your stomach from growling, we've got a few more books to keep you cooking when you head off to college. Daphne Oz's The Dorm Room Diet Planner, the companion volume to last fall's The Dorm Room Diet, offers practical advice not only on how to beat the freshman 15 (the dreaded pounds that unwary students pack on during their first year away from home), but how to be a more relaxed, more effective you. Through exercise (concise directions and illustrations, as well as a 20-minute DVD show you how); the right vitamins and minerals; and happiness enhancers, such as meditation, aromatherapy and massage, Oz outlines a plan for keeping your weight down and your spirits (hence grades) up.

A Princeton University student herself, Oz says that she already had the inspiration and information she needed to become a healthier person when she left for school, but writes, College proved to be my motivation, the catalyst that led to my lifestyle overhaul, because it marked the onset of my life as an adult. If you're thinking what I'm thinking, don't wait for a house to fall on you, get both of Oz's books and start down the yellow brick road to health and happiness!

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