There's a button in my desk drawer. It's in the drawer because please don't tell anyone I have no idea how to sew it back on. That is, I had no idea. After reading The Experts' Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do, I now know how to sew on a button and do 99 other useful things.

Now, this isn't simply a dry how-to book. It's an eclectic collection of advice and insight from 100 experts in their fields. Has the spouse been bugging you to paint the bedroom? Bob Vila offers tips for great walls. Considering the stylistic possibilities of a bow tie? CNN's Tucker Carlson tells you how to loop and tug. Each of the 100 things is presented in a two-to-three page tidbit, mixed with humor and philosophy, making the book both a helpful resource and a delightful little read. You can take it in snips, pondering thoughts as you like or applying the advice right away. So the next time you need to negotiate (Donald Trump), tell a joke (Howie Mandel), or bake chocolate-chip cookies (Debbi Fields), you'll have expert advice at hand, and at least 100 things in life will be much easier.

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