Author and journalist Caille Millner has been dealing with unique situations most of her life, from being a black woman growing up in a mostly Latino neighborhood to moving into and through the worlds of Silicon Valley and the Ivy League. The Golden Road: Notes on My Gentrification takes readers inside these diverse universes, spotlighting Millner's ongoing personal and political evolution as she encounters white supremacists, techno geeks and embittered post-apartheid South Africans. Along the way, she discovers the difference between being truly educated and simply possessing knowledge, comes to grips with rifts and conflicts within the black community, and concludes that the sum of her unique parts really make a most attractive, if complicated, whole. Millner, co-author of The Promise: How One Woman Made Good on Her Extraordinary Pact to Send a Classroom of First Graders to College, is at 27, a member of the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board. Written in a witty, alternately self-deprecating, satirical and revealing manner, her memoir offers a fascinating portrait of a gifted and articulate writer.

Ron Wynn writes for the Nashville City Paper and other publications.

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