Before the summer gets underway, before the "What are we going to do today? Can't we go somewhere fun?" questions begin, get a head start with a travel book for kids. Step into its pages and discover your city, your country, your world . . . and bring your children along. You and your team of young and tireless explorers can travel the world this summer, starting in the nearest city. You will return amazed, with souvenirs, knowledge, and memories garnered from every imaginable place. Open up The Great City Search and meet Mayor Maurice who lives in a city very much like your own. Follow him as he weaves you through its streets, hospitals, parks, and more. Can you spot four workers wearing helmets, two underground trains, and a famous statue along the way? Once every corner of the city has been searched, Mayor Maurice will kindly lead you to the new city pool to cool off. In the spirit of Richard Scarry, Rosie Heywood assists kids in discovering the people and places that comprise the mosaic of city life. Kids can travel this book from beginning to end or pick it up and indulge in just one of the city scenes. After they have mastered the key parts of Mayor Maurice's city, they'll be more prepared to leap out into their own.

Reviewed by Anna Claire Straughan.

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